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Our Approach

Beginning in 1994, Sanford Rose Associates developed a revolutionary approach to the search process that is designed to produce better candidates faster by taking the “trial and error” out of recruiting. That new approach, called Dimensional Search®, identifies closely matched candidates in often less than half the time taken by traditional search firms.

At the beginning of the search, following in-depth conversations with the client, the SRA search consultant constructs a Dimensional Search® profile that will be used to match candidate qualifications to job requirements, past work experience to future assignments and personal management style to corporate culture. That profile — combined with SRA’s search methodology, in-depth knowledge of the markets we serve, and state-of-the-art technology — enables us to present highly qualified candidates in far less time than is typically spent on senior searches.

The Sanford Rose Associates search consultant, along with the other members of his or her office team, serve as the client’s business advisor at every stage of the search process — including candidate identification and presentation, interview preparation, selection, construction and extension of the job offer, resolution of any issues and acceptance of the offer. Supporting the consultants is a highly experienced research team whose role is to ensure potential candidates are meticulously identified. In addition, SRA takes reference checking of short-listed candidates seriously through a stringent reference checking process before candidates are presented to clients.

Before accepting the search assignment, SRA provides each new client a letter of engagement, detailing the scope of the search, payment terms and obligations of both parties. Once the search is completed, SRA asks the client to evaluate the firm’s performance.