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Search Process

Formulation of Search Specifications
  • In-depth documentation of client’s needs and the challenges of the opportunity.
  • Determine WHO are we looking for in terms of candidate’s skills, accomplishments and personal/leadership style.
Development of Search Strategy
  • Prioritize if functional, industry or regional experience is more important.
  • Set the search parameters; determine WHERE we could find this person.
Formulation of a List of Target Companies
  • Market research according to search parameters.
  • Confirm the existence of the companies in the desired location.
Research & Sourcing of Candidates
  • Research into WHO is doing a similar role as the position in the search.
  • Identify potential candidates as defined in search specification.
Headhunting & Qualification of Candidates
  • Selling the job opportunity, employer and environment.
  • Preliminary qualification of candidates.
In-depth Interview of Candidates
  • Interview prime candidates to develop an understanding of all qualifications, personal communication skills, and professional style.
Shortlist Candidates
  • User SRA Dimensional Search® process — matching professional skills to job requirements, past accomplishments to future projects and personal style to corporate culture.
Reference Checks
  • Conduct stringent reference checks with former employers, superiors, colleagues, and informal network.
Psychometric Testing (optional)
  • Use of DISC Psychometric Analysis to determine candidates’ style and motivation to assess candidates’ potential cultural fit with client organisation.
Presentation of Candidates